The difference a year can make

This month last year we announced that we were adopting and submitted our application to our agency. The amount of love and support we have received since then has been incredibly overwhelming. They say it takes a village and that couldn’t be a more true statement. From t-shirts to toilets, y’all have done it all. I’m not sure why it didn’t dawn on us until now to make a money meter but this thing just goes to show how supportive every single one of you have been in ONE YEAR! We are over half-way to our goal! We want each of you to know that this journey wouldn’t be possible without you. I know we sound like a broken record but we can never thank you all enough. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your time, thank you for your money – all of it has played the biggest role in the process. Thank you for walking this journey with us. We hope you stick around a little longer as we try to reach our crazy goal of adopting debt free. 

Where are we now in the process? How much longer until we get a baby? We’re in the matching phase. We’re waiting for a birthmom or birthparents to pick us to be their child’s adoptive parents. This can happen as soon as tomorrow or as long as next year. Once we become matched, $10,000 is due immediately and then the remaining balance is due 30 days before the baby is born. That does not include our travel to the hospital, lodging for our stay while we wait for finalization, or our lawyer fees.

We’re going to continue contributing our own funds, requesting grants, and hosting fundraisers until we reach our goal of $45,000. We try to make our fundraisers fun for everyone, so we hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we have. It’s your willingness and generosity that fuels our spirits and keeps us going. Again, thank you so much – it means the world to us, and it will mean the world to a lucky mother and her child some day soon.

 Here is the breakdown;
$11,000 has been paid to the agency
$6,000 in grants so far (waiting to hear back on 4 more)
$8,883.01 in the bank for when we’re matched.


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