Potty Training Aftermath 🚽➕🚽=❓

The month of August was a wild ride. We joked we didn’t know what life would be like after the toilet fundraiser ended. We are now remembering what it’s like to actually have some quiet time before bed! Who would’ve thought delivering toilets after dark would be so much work?! It was most definitely a blast, though. From the first toilet to the last, we had fun every single night.

Some nights we wish we could’ve had a film crew with us it was so entertaining. To test the waters and kick off the fundraiser we decided to drop it on Dans front porch, right in front of his door, because we love him so much. Since he wasn’t home Conner took the opportunity to text him conspicuous messages like:

“Hey man. Hope your night is not as crappy as this weather.”
“Walking outside feels like the sky is about to flush us out.”
“It’s like the clouds are constipated.”
“I’m going to hit the sack now. Life is full of surprises. Deuces.”

To which he confusedly replied, “Hey! Sorry, just saw this. You ok? Yes life is full of surprises.”And Conner cheekily responded, “All good man. Just spouting nonsense to my number 2.”  🤪

And who could forget the night it came a torrential downpour, thunderstorms and all. We felt like we were on an episode of Storm Chasers. When we got to the pickup location, a tree had fallen across the road barely 50 feet in front of us. Conner got soaked from head to toe just running to the yard and back with the toilet!
We had to get real comfortable saying things like “Are you sure that’s their house?” “I sure hope so.” And just driving off. There were at least a couple of times we dropped them at the wrong house only to scramble back and move it – talk about a hectic situation!
The best memory of all though, is each and every one of you. Everyone who participated was such a great sport. We had no idea how these monstrosities would be received, but all of you made it something exciting and truly unforgettable. Waking up to see all the social media posts of your families taking fun, and sometimes downright hilarious, photos with the intruding toilets absolutely made our day, and frankly, made the whole fundraiser worthwhile.
You may be wondering, with such a successful fundraiser, how much money did we actually raise? We’re thrilled to announce that you guys helped raise a whopping $1,600! And, once again, it’s all thanks to each of you who made this wacky fundraiser such a resounding success. So much so, who knows, you may see the potties again around Christmas time.
Until next time,
Conner & Mysteree


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