Mailbox Madness 📬

I am a wee bit behind on updating things.

As most of y’all know we had a Valentine’s Day fundraiser in February. It all started with a text late in the night from Haley with a picture of a mailbox and how she thought they would make for a good fundraiser. Boy, was she ever right.

That night Conner and I rushed to Kroger and bought EVERY. SINGLE. MAILBOX. Haley and I spent hours planning how we’d start selling them. Conner helped us get them posted on our site. It was a big ordeal. Then, we posted them on Facebook. Wow! They started selling so fast! We ran out of mailboxes so fast that we found ourselves hitting up every Kroger from here to Nashville! Huge shout out to Haley’s mom, Dana, who helped out in a big way hunting down mailboxes near and far.

Needless to say the mailboxes were a huge success. But none of it would’ve been possible without all of you awesome people who bought them! We loved seeing all the cool pictures of parents and kids with their mailboxes and the creative ways they decided to use them! It’s moments like those that make it all worthwhile, and it’s because of people like you that any of those hours spent cutting and sticking vinyl were possible. We cannot thank you enough.

With Easter right around the corner we decided to do another fundraiser. On our final night making mailboxes Haley had another brilliant idea: Easter baskets! We try to have at least one fundraiser each month so we thought, “What the heck, let’s do another one!” We placed our order that night – to the reluctance of both Trent and Conner, who didn’t suspect they would sell quite as well as the mailboxes. Fortunately, though, they were wrong! The Easter baskets, and the goodie bags, were another success! Like the mailboxes, we completely sold out of every color. It was truly amazing to watch all of you generous people once again support us on our adoption journey as well A Forrest Workshop and all the fun things Haley is doing with that.

In the midst of the Easter basket fundraiser, our friend Melanie hosted a Gracewear fundraiser for us. Gracewear’s mission is to create a powerful brand that supports, encourages and empowers women daily. Another big thank you to Melanie as well as everyone who helped promote and purchase some beautiful jewelry. 

An enormous thank you to Haley and all of you for purchasing these past few months. Also, a special shout out to Trent for sacrificing many nights giving solo care to baby Jack while Haley and I slaved over a hot Cricut all evening and into the night. 😂😂 You’ve helped us reach our first financial goal of $11,000, paying the 1st set of our adoption agency fees. We are now a waiting family! Or as some say, paper pregnant! Being a waiting family is big deal. It means we could get matched at any moment, whether that be days or years. Frankly, we’re playing the waiting game. For those of you who know me, you know I’m not the biggest fan of waiting. Conner, on the other hand, is mr. happy-go-lucky. So, we’re basically balancing each other out – haha. Once we are matched, another set of fees will be due immediately. Be on the lookout for more fundraisers / events that we’ll be hosting to get ahead of the curb.

Until next time,

Mysteree & Conner

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