How is the adoption process going?

This is a question Conner and I have received a lot lately and it made me realize that neither of us have made a post lately. The answer is slow, we are in a waiting period right now. There are fees that must be paid up front to the agency before we can be “available” to birthparents. Those fees are $11,000 and we are currently at $9,752.23. I am confident that we will have the rest by the end of the month. Once we pay that then we can start seeing situations.

But there is a twist! The company that did our homes study, also helps birthparents. They only have the funds to help about 16-20 a year and therefore suggest adoptive families not to solely rely on them to adopt. However, if you do get an opportunity to adopt through them, the costs are low. Like $16,000 low.

Because of that small possibility, Conner and I are not in a major rush to pay the $11,000 to our agency right now just in case something comes up. Another plus is even if we did happen to pay the agency and get matched with the people that did our home study, we would still be paying less than we would if we went through an agency.

I know what you’re thinking, “man, why is adoption so expensive?!”. Well, it’s because most agencies walk along side of birthparents and provide them with services throughout the process; going to Dr. appointments, prenatals, rent, medical expenses, counseling during and after birth, as well as many other things I can’t think of.

So there ya have it, folks. It sounds boring and confusing right now but hey, it’s better than ALLLLL that paperwork we had to do in the beginning.  We are still fundraising like a bunch of crazy people and applying for grants. You can read about last months fundraiser here. This months fundraiser – Piper and Arrows is hosting us an online fundraiser. Piper and Arrows is an online women’s boutique, the owners are a family who have also adopted. They give back by allowing other adoptive families have a monthly online fundraiser and some of the proceeds from the sales for the month go to the adopting family.

>> This month if you shop with Piper and Arrows use code BUSH at checkout for 15% off your purchase and some of the proceeds from your order will go towards our adoption too! ( They have a huge warehouse sale right now 😉 )

We also have an awesome Valentine fundraiser lined up for next month, so stay tuned! 


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