We’re growing our family starting with adoption!


We’re Adopting!

Dear Family & Friends,

We have made the decision to grow our family, starting with adoption!  We plan on being as open with you about the process as possible. We understand that the unknown is scary and that you may have a lot of questions. Our goal is to better help you understand our decision.

Why adoption?  Why not adoption? Adoption has always been something we’ve considered and thought would be pretty awesome. There are 153 million orphans and vulnerable children in the world and 400,000 of them do not have a permanent family in the US. Every child deserves a forever home and if we can be that stability in one child’s life and make a difference, then that is a good enough reason for us.

What “type” of baby will you get?  A living one… Our love is not limited to an ethnicity or sex.

Will you have a baby of your own?  We have learned to call this a “homemade” baby. There will be no difference in our adoptive baby or homemade baby. Should we decide to have a homemade baby, both babies will be treated exactly the same.

How long will the process take?  From start to finish it could take about a year. We submitted our application the middle of August. So the plan is by this time next year or sooner!

How much does adoption cost?  A lot. Ha. Around $40,000 or so. It gets crazier, we are hoping to do this debt free! We plan to front a good bit of the money ourselves, about $13,000, but will also be applying for grants and doing A TON of fundraising. That is where you come in! Adoption will not be possible without YOUR help. Throughout this process we will be doing several fun things to raise money. From collecting pennies to selling t-shirts – we’re doing it all.  You can check out our funding store here.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are to start this journey. We can’t wait to eventually meet Baby Bush. Thank you for all your support.


“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.”