Adoption Grants and Ice Cream 🍦

Wow y’all, it’s been a while. Where to begin? Last month we received a letter in the mail that we were awarded a $6,000 adoption grant. I remember that day so clearly. The week had been long, the commute to and from work was extra, and I was just all around exhausted–mentally and physically. Checking the mail is my thing though, for some reason it’s always exciting. I’m not really sure why,  it’s usually bills but you never know when there might be a surprise. (literally my thought process.) That Friday as we pulled into the complex, we stopped to get the mail. There was a letter from ShowHope. I looked at Conner and said in my grumpy voice, “well this is either going to make or break my mood”. I opened that thing and to my surprise saw the numbers $6,000. SIX THOUSAND! Conner ripped it from my hands laughing. We sat there in awe of God’s work. We couldn’t believe it. We didn’t even think we’d get $1,000, let alone $6,000. I felt like a jerk for being the mood I was in but we all have our days, right? I think we sometimes let the frustrations of life own our emotions and affect our moods. We work hard, work too long, we’re too busy, never enough money, don’t look good enough, whatever the excuse is or how you’re feeling, we’ve all been there at some time or another. But God, God is in our corner every single day, working every second of the day, for the good of us and it’s moments like that where you realize that there is more to life than complaining about a bad hair day. It’s the small things that can really put things back into perspective. There are 4 more grants that we’re waiting to hear back on. We should hear back on them by the end of August. Even if we get denied those 4 grants, the one grant alone was worth all of the extra paperwork and hours spent applying.

Fast forward to last Thursday night, we had another fundraiser. Let me tell y’all, this fundraising stuff isn’t easy. (unless you like marketing.) Fundraising is hard and time consuming but it’s also totally worth it. Fundraising makes us vulnerable. We feel like we’re always asking for money or participation. Sometimes it’s fun though, like when you get to scoop ice-cream for 4 hours. It’s so humbling too, especially when you get to see the fruits of your labor. We had no idea what to expect Thursday night at Maggie Moo’s. We just thought, we’ll get some ice-cream scooping experience, have some fun, and raise some money for Baby B. Little did we know that EVERYONE we knew was planning to come! Our NF family, our co-workers, and our friends. Even a friend that lives out of state that we met at a concert 4 years ago who brought 5 more of her friends with her came! The line did not stop, especially after about 6:30pm you guys flooded us with so much support. We couldn’t believe it. Not to mention how awesome the girls at Maggie Moo’s were. They handled everything like pros! 😎

Every single one of you guys support us in such a way that overwhelms us with so many emotions. It’s one thing being a giver but it’s another thing to get to be the recipient of those gifts. That is something we are still trying to wrap our heads around. All of you are incredible. I know we say it a lot, but we literally could not do this without you, or the big man upstairs, of course. 😉

It’s because you continue to help, whether that be prayers, sharing a post, donating your time or money, that we are halfway to our goal. An adoption is roughly $40,000-45,000 + medical and travel. Right now we are at $24,000, including the grant and we cannot thank you enough.

So from two people who moved here 4.5 years knowing absolutely no one, thank you. Thank you for surrounding us with love and being nothing short of family to us. ♥

Until next time,
Mysteree & Conner


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