A Little About Us


Our adoption story is a lot like our story. It’s atypical. We’ve always been that way. We said our “I do”’s at the Knoxville Zoo. <3 We moved from a small county with a population of only 32,000 people to a new county of over 175,000 people, not knowing anyone at all. Then we had the bright idea to set a goal to get completely out of debt, $50,000 in 2 years to be exact. And we did that too. (yay!) As Dave Ramsey would say, you’re lookin’ at weird people. We tend to embrace the weird. While our story is different, unconventional, and offbeat, it’s also inspiring. Through volunteering with a homeless ministry out of Nashville, Home Street Home, we found ourselves with an opportunity to be possible emergency foster parents for a little girl. When that opportunity fell through, it made us realize that we wanted to start a family sooner than we thought and what better way to do that than through adoption.

A little bit about ourselves, We moved to Nashville in December of 2014. We live here with our adorable cat, Colin, and Mysteree’s younger brother, Aaron, who moved in a little over a year ago. Now, most of our family is 4 hours away in East Tennessee. The rest of our family lives in Maryland. Though now we call Nashville home, we know how important family is. That’s why we always make it a priority to visit East Tennessee as often as we can throughout the year and try really hard to get our Maryland family to come visit us! Haha. Our Church is a huge part of our lives. We are truly blessed to have met so many people there that have become amazing friends. We’re proud to have friends from all walks of life and it is definitely a privilege to do life with them! As a couple, we lead the Financial Peace University class, volunteer with Room In The Inn, and serve on the board of one of the churches community outreach projects. Mysteree also serves in the Kids ministry and Conner works with the Tech Team.

Life outside of work is never boring for us. On weeknights you’ll find us volunteering in various events at our church, sometimes volunteering with ShowerUp, catching that sweet Half Price special at Dave & Buster’s on a Wednesday night, or hustling to be on time to a Preds home game! We both love us some Predators hockey. Mysteree is still getting warmed up to our new soccer team – she especially loves soccer in the rain. Every other Saturday you can count on us going out with the Home Street Home outreach team to deliver goods to our homeless friends in Nashville. Travel is another past time of ours. We rarely pass up a chance to spend a weekend in a city we’ve never been. Our most recent trip was to St. Louis, MO in June. At the end of each year you’ll find us volunteering at Christmas 4 Kids. It’s seriously a blast and the kids have so much fun. C4K is an organization that provides Christmas presents to the less fortunate kids in the county. 60-80 tour buses get together with about 2 chaperones per bus and we go pick up 4-6 kids from each school and take them to have a dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Claus, followed by a shopping trip to Wal-Mart, finished with a parade through the town. It’s one of the best experiences. In our spare time Conner enjoys working out at the local CrossFit box while Mysteree enjoys spending an evening out with her friends.